Navarasa Acting Diploma Course - August 2021
Shankara Jayanthi
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Let me once more set forth the Bhavan's faith for the benefit of new students and members, for it is necessary that they should understand it clearly and imbibe its spirit. The Bhavan stands for the reintegration of Indian Culture.

In a world of falling to pieces under the impact of an amoral technological avalanche, it tries to hold fast to the fundamental values for which our culture stands - Rita, Satya, Yagna and Tapas.
  • FAITH God Who informs the Cosmic Order
  • TRUTH which is accord between mind, word and deed
  • DEDICATION which offers all movements of life as an offering to God
  • SUBLIMATION which purifies the body and mind and transmutes instincts, passions and emotions into things of beauty.

This, regardless of forms and doctrines, is Dharma, the three-fold aspects of which are SATYAM, SHIVAM, SUNDARAM - Truth, Love and Beauty.


Navarasa Acting Diploma Course - August 2021
Profile of Sri. H.N. Suresh, Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore
 Volume : 22 Sl No. 01 
January 2021 
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