Offers following short term (one year) Job Oriented Post Graduate Programmes which are approved by Central/State Govt. and Universities.
Post Graduate Programme in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
Post Graduate Programme in “Industrial Relations & Personnel Management” has five core papers; they are Organisational Behaviors, Personnel Management, Human Resource Development, Industrial Relations, Social Security and Social Legislation, carry 100 marks each. In addition to this “Cultural Heritage of India” is compulsory for all the courses which carry 100 marks.
Post Graduate Programme in Marketing & Advertising
Post Graduate Programme in “Marketing & Advertising” covers papers: Marketing Management, Advertising: Principles and practice, Media and Creative Advertising, Art and Production, Marketing Research & Applied Psychology.
Post Graduate Programme in Financial Management
Post Graduate Programme in “Financial Management” covers – Advanced Cost & Management Accounting, International Financial Management, Financial Markets and Financial Services, Financial Management, Direct Tax Laws and Tax Planning.
Post Graduate Programme in Public Relations
Post Graduate Programme in “Public Relations” covers – Principles of Public Relations and Communication, Mass Communication, Print Media, Electronic Media, Advertising & Corporate Communication.
Post Graduate Programme in Mass Communication
Post Graduate Programme in “Mass Communication” covers – Communication, Mass Communication, Print Media, Electronic Media, Advertising & Corporate Communication.
Post Graduate Programme in Journalism
Post Graduate Programme in “Journalism” cover – Introduction to Journalism, Constitution of India and Press Laws, Reporting (including Current Affairs), Writing, Editing, Newspaper Management; Printing and Mass Communication.
Post Graduate Programme in Business Management
Post Graduate Programme in “Business Management” covers – Management Principles and Practice, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Office Management and Managerial Economics or Production Management, Personnel Management.
Post Graduate Programme in International Trade
Post Graduate Programme in “International Trade” covers – International Marketing, Economic Analysis and Marketing Research, Financial Management for Export Enterprises, International Business Environment, Export Import Practices, Procedures and Documentation.
Post Graduate Programme in Electronic Data Processing and Computer Management
Post Graduate Programme in “Electronic Data Processing and Computer Management”. It covers Computer Fundamental and Networking, Programming in ‘C’ and Linux Operating System, Structured System Analysis, Design and Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming using C++ and Java Programming, RDBMS and its application and Visual Basic.
In addition to above, the students have to submit a project report, attend first term test, second term test, viva-voce examination and 25% of marks obtained in each will the marks for Internal Assessment. The certificate for Post Graduate programme would be issued by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Rajendra Prasad Institute of Communication and Management, Mumbai. There are 52 colleges in India run by Bhavan’s Rajendra Prasad Institute, in different parts of India. It is an All-India examination and approved by Government of India, State Governments, Universities and also employers. The placement help will be provided by the colleges of each centre.
Navarasa Acting Diploma Course - August 2021
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