With the changing world order set rolling by the shrinking globe, management education is becoming more complex and exciting. Added to this are the expectations of corporate bodies who turn to business schools to train and create potential managers of high competence.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan realizes this imminent need and has taken up the initiative of grooming world-class managers through its chain of Institutes of Management. The impetus for this initiative comes from the extensive corporate management experience that the Bhavan is privileged with, through the eminent personalities who are part of it, at the helm of its affairs. With decades of varied managerial experiences, including heading large public and private sector corporations, they bring with them an urge that drives the academics.
Bhavan's management education is different. Its strength lies in its linkages with the corporate world. Experience is its resource. Commitment to groom youth is its strong point. Creating the infrastructure for the educational intrication is its forte.
At Bhavan's institute of Management, the students are rigorously exposed to real-time management issues through case studies, guest lectures, problem solving and role plays. Its interactions with guest faculty drawn from Corporates and industry, weekly programmes on Business Leadership, regular learning experiences through industry visits, research and project work, participation in workshops and seminars on management, training at professional bodies, etc. A strategically planned outbound training programme inculcates in the student skills of team work, crisis management, intuitive thinking, and hardens them for the tough life in their managerial careers.
Altogether, the Bhavan management education will ensure that students leave its portals not just with a certificate but will be competent, capable and confident to face the corporate challenges of modern times, and add significant value to the organisations they serve and to the community at large.
Management Education Institutions  
Bhavan's PG Executive Management Programme
MP Birla Institute of Management
Bhavan Institute of Management Mysore
HB College of Communication & Management
Bhavan's Savitriamma Akkihal Institute of Management
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Profile of Sri. H.N. Suresh, Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore