"Our culture is not a composite bundle of different ways nor a regimented unity. It is a synthesis reaching new levels of equilibrium under the unifying influence of certain fundamental values.The ways of life which India is thus synthesizing, have not been splinters, but whole cultures - each with a rich personality of its own.
The synthesis is growing from age to age, first, by proceeding from one unified area to another; secondly, by maintaining a common bond of values between all such areas; and, thirdly, by using such unifying areas as radiating centres of cultural homogeneity. Such unifying areas have all been characterized by intense activity of the mind and the spirit; in a loose sense, they have been "university centers."
In these unifying areas, men devoted to learning and ideals have got together from different parts of the country. Rising above regional loyalties, they have evolved an All-India consciousness and shaped our common heritage of life. From these areas, men inspired by common ideals have spread the culture for which India stands.
Due to such areas, it prevailed in all parts of the country; but, as I said before, never by force. It brought no armies with it. It made terms with the local ways of life; first, in the realm of the mind and the spirit; next, in the way of life and behavior. Sanskrit was its symbol and medium; while it harmonized, uplifted and inspired, it also stimulated and enriched the regional languages to minister to the needs of the common people."
Navarasa Acting Diploma Course - August 2021
Profile of Sri. H.N. Suresh, Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore