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Course Description: Vaastu shastra is the science of design and construction as per the Vedic traditions. The Amara Kosa defines Vaastu as a dwelling. Vaastu dates back to the Vedas and is referred to as an Upaveda or a minor Veda and relates to Atharva Veda. It is also Known as Sthapatya Veda or the science of Architecture.

Vaastu talks about the primary elements earth, water, fire, wind and space in an area and their relevance in an enclosed area. Vaastu personifies space as Vaastu Purusha symbolically representing the energy fields within an enclosure known as the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.
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This ancient science of the Indians aims at providing peace, health and contentment to the residents of a structure residential, business or religious-by certain principles of designing and construction.
The principles of Vaastu are universally applicable to residences, businesses, factories, temples, layouts, malls, hospital and educational complexes, old age homes, airports, railway stations, bus terminals, cinema and marriage halls, hotels, resorts, and departmental complexes, information technology offices, interiors of all these buildings, planning of sub-divisions and townships in respect of laying out roads and the proper design and placement of various structures-domestic, religious and civil and their fortification,
The course covers the importance of the science & its application to residential structures and their interiors and aims at educating the student properly to apply the principles to any constructions. The course is universally applicable-architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, students & professors, professionals in any discipline, and anyone interested in the proper study of Vaastu Shastra. Spread over 48 hours of tuition, the medium of instruction in English.
An examination will be conducted at the end of the course and successful students will be issued a certificate. Minimum academic qualification for admission to the course is a pass in Plus Two (PUC). The course includes both theoretical and practical classes, besides lecture demonstrations.
What can be more ideal for human happiness? It is to help aspirants to achive this objective that the Bhavan is conducting this Vaastu Courses.
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